Come surf along the new wave with the original Berserker Birds, the orignal space birds!!

Everything you see on this page existed before 2003 which means it existed prior to the alleged creation of the "Angry Birds."

It makes Astrobirds not only angry, but positively berserk!!

Toiling at their jobs, they dream of surfing among the stars...

picture of a red Astrobird carving in space on a rocket surfboard

Surfing in space, on the sun and other worlds... piloting hotrods, rocketbikes, spaceships, space cars, and extreme astro vehicles of every type - - since their first game published in 1996!! Returning soon, phoenix-like, to wrest their rightful place from the hideous imposters! Those ripoff kings, the scuzzy alien Invazorz, targeted the truthful and benevolent Astrobirds for imitation and theft. They thought they had succeeded in erasing the Astrobirds' existence by saturating Earth's media with their robotic evil clones. But a spirited band of rebels kept the truth alive and now the truthiness spreads. Duped players, investors and employees have realized that something doesn't add up. Karma is a bitch, and a billion dollars' worth of karma isn't just a hoaxed origin story - - it's FRAUD on a very actionable scale. Earth's rebellion against those thieving Invazorz is growing day by day.

Astrobirds are returning from their cybernetic slumber to take back what was stolen by scum... Soon to be returned, with interest. Compound interest. Not to mention the karmic debt which will no doubt be even worse for those prideful ripoff kings, the Invazorz, to pay.

Now the word is spreading. And the word is - - BERZERKERBIRDZ!!

ASTROBIRDZ - The Original Space Birds

Astrobirdz are space birds from the Birdznest Nebula. With high technology and a high appetite for thrills, these extreme sports lifeforms are on an endless quest for FUN. Their culture celebrates sportsmanship and fair play.

BERZERKER BIRDZ - "Go Berzerk"!!

The very best of the best are chosen to become BERZERKER BIRDZ and given the awesome power to GO BERZERK and transform into a faster, more powerful form...

Extreme sports and advanced tricks including the ultimate forms of cycle and board riding are central to Astrobirdz culture. A culture based on rules of fair play, loyalty, and bravery. Rather than engage the hideous alien INVAZORZ directly in battle, the Astrobirdz brokered a deal where they could settle their disagreement in a challenge between champions in the Astrobirdz capital city's EXTREME SPORTS ARENA. Cheered on by race and extreme sports fans from throughout the Birdznest Nebula, our champions performed tricks never before conceived - - let alone achieved... The fate of planets hung in the balance!!


Now recruiting - - Join the fight against those hideous alien Invazorz. Dig the truth. Spread the word. Join the rebellion.



Animated head images from the 2002 Berzerker Birdz cell phone game which I sent to a Scandinavian cell phone game company, seeking an alliance:

The BIRDSNEST NEBULA is the only place that the powerful fuel source ZOOMINIUM is found. A fuel source central not only to Astrobird culture and technology, but to their very biology.

Out of the marauding depths of space come many types of hideous alien INVAZORZ...

When threatened, they call up their special military forces - - THE BERZERKERBIRDS - - to take care of business...

So they can get back to good times and good thrills!


It has been my dream to bring Astrobirds and Berserkerbirds to life since I started working on them back in 1993 and released the first game online in 1996 (yes, there was actually an internet back then!) A lot has changed. But I'm still a surfing, motorcycle riding, action sports, retro gaming and science fiction enthusiast. And I still dream of seeing the good guys and gals win in the end. I still dream of producing cool games that people will be stoked to play. And I pledge to you, I'll do my best to produce an awesome new wave of Astrobirds and Berserkerbirds games. - - Bill, July 2018

Thanks to our fans and supporters! You are awesomely cool.

Graphics by me. Paintings by James Holloway. Stills from the Astro-Berzerker-Birdz animation are by Will Meugniot.


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P.S. WHAT IF there were a billion dollar game company whose ONLY successful product line was based on enforceable copyright infringement? INTERESTING to ponder...